• acreage1Acreage / Large Area Ride On Mowing
  • Rough Cut Slashing and Mowing
  • Hillside and slope mowing
  • Residential Acreage large or small
  • Real Estate
  • Horse Paddocks or Agistments
  • Vacant Blocks
  • New Developments
  • Streetscape Easement and Footpath Maintenance
  • Parks and Sports Fields
  • Golf Course Roughs
  • Power, Water and Telecommunications
  • Industrial and Commercial Properties
  • Schools
  • Local Government & Statutory Bodies

(Note: Our equipment requires property access of 1.8 metres)



Hillside / Slope Mowing:

When it comes to difficult terrain, Grassmaster operates the most advanced commercial machinery available, providing a quality and cost effective service.

ventrac1The VENTRAC 4500 is an amazing machine, and meets WH&S requirements to operate on slopes up to 30 degrees, which exceeds other conventional machines, while providing a quality cut. Interchangeable mower decks enhance the capabilities from fine cut mowing to rough cut slashing.

This state of the art machine, fitted with dual wheels front and rear for hillside mowing, is also able operate on wet and boggy ground, with only four and a half pounds per square inch of downward pressure on the ground.  The VENTRAC leaves an almost non existent footprint on finely manicured grounds such as sports fields or acreage lawn.

See the Ventrac in action here:

 ventrac2 ventrac3 








Acreage Mowing & Mulching:

kubota2Grassmaster Acreage Mowing & Slashing also operates a commercial quality 4×4 Kubota diesel mower fitted with either the standard rotary mower deck, or a Trimax flail mower.


The Trimax flail mower will also mulch as it mows and can be adjusted to provide the finest of cuts, to a point where striping of large grass areas is possible.