Business Management Statement

Business Management Goals

  • Provide quality lawn mowing & garden maintenance service and achieve excellence in customer service.
  • Safety is considered to be an integral and vital part of the successful performance of any job.
  • Maintain a robust Integrated Management Safety System (IMSS) managing quality, safety and environmental standards in line with Australian Standards – including the setting of performance objectives and regular measurement of improvement as part of our continuous improvement program;
  • Provide suitable resources for personnel at all levels to fulfil their responsibilities as set forth under this policy;
  • Provide a safe, fair and equitable work environment;
  • Use a risk management approach to determine the risks associated with our business activities and to exercise the appropriate control over those risks;
  • Involve and consult with all employees and contractors on health, safety, quality and environmental matters, including provision of education and training services to enable them undertake their tasks/business without compromising obligations and standards;
  • Require staff, contractors and visitors to comply with the spirit and the intent of our Safety Plan, relevant legislation and statutory requirements as a minimum requirement;
  • Require reporting of all injuries and known incidents, property damage, environmental harm and quality systems non-conformances;
  • We will foster an awareness of shared responsibility and accountability for our service provision and business goals.